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Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Halloween Candy

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That wonderfully, spooky time of year is coming around again! Halloween time!! Getting dressed up and pretending you are something that you aren’t is always fun. My church does a trunk-or-treat that I like to participate in. Buying Halloween candy can be really expensive if you don’t watch what you are doing. Here are my top ways to save on Halloween candy.

Top Ways to Save on Halloween Candy

Other than buying candy for Halloween trick-or-treaters, I also know my church needs lots of candy donations for the trunk or treat. I usually try to help out as much as I can.

Halloween time and the time right after (candy clearance ya’ll!!) is a great time to stock up on candy for your pantry. Many candies are generic without the wrapper and can be used in several yummy fall and holiday treats.

Set a Budget. Anytime you don’t set a budget it is easy to spend more than you want.

Cut Coupons. This time of year the coupon inserts will have candy coupons, and there will be many printable coupons for the candy too. If you are not a coupon cutter, there are several coupon apps you can use as well.

Think Outside of the “Candy” Box. Think of all the candy the kids are getting that night. I always liked getting little trinkets like pencils, keychains, and such. Oriental Trading Company has lots of inexpensive options to choose from. This is also better because so many children these days have reactions to the chemicals in candy or have peanut allergies.

Shop the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree has lots of great candy as well as lots of Halloween decorations. I made this Halloween Wreath with things I found at the Dollar Tree.

Limit how much candy you give. Maybe instead of a handful, you can give each trick or treater 3 pieces.

Estimate How Much Candy You Will NeedBefore you decide where to grab your goodies, you need to determine how many pieces you’ll realistically need.  If you are new to the neighborhood, ask around to see how many trick-or-treaters you might get.

Don’t Buy Candy Until the Last Minute. How many times have you bought Halloween candy early and then snuck a piece, and then another, and another? Oops! Now you have to buy another bag. That doesn’t save any money at all.

Buy Sugar Candy, Not Chocolates. Lollipops, Smarties, and other hard candy options are usually cheaper than chocolate.

Watch the Sales. I love buying candy from CVS and Walgreens because of their reward programs. Sometimes I pay little to nothing because I am rolling previous rewards. Target also usually has great deals as well. The Dollar Tree is perfect for cheap decor, but the quantity for the buck you are paying for candy is not worth it.

Open Candy Bags One at a Time. I don’t suggest trying to return the bags, though people do, the bags could be donated when unopened to churches and schools.

Don’t Hand Out Treats. You are not a bad person if you don’t have your porch light on. There have been several years where I haven’t handed out treats.

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