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The Best Places To Sell Your Clothes For Extra Cash

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Do you ever feel like your closet is taking over your life because you have too many clothes? I have been there myself, and that’s what inspired me to do some research on the best places to sell your clothes. Organize your closet and make some money!

I know how it feels when you are doing online shopping and getting new clothes in the mail. Only to figure out you didn’t like the color of fit. Then you plan on mailing it back, but the next thing you know, it’s too late. So you hang onto it, wondering what in the world you are going to do with this shirt you don’t like. That’s where these shops come in handy! You aren’t going to get back what you paid for them, but a little cash is way better than watching them collect dust. Okay, let’s get started. 

Where to Sell Your Clothes Online


Poshmark is fantastic for selling clothes AND buying them! You can quickly and easily use their app to take a photo of your clothes and make a listing. It’s seriously so fast you will have time to list all sorts of items. You will need to share your post, and you will have a buyer in no time. Then you can print off one of their paid shipping labels, and next thing you know, you are getting paid! It’s one of the best programs out there, and it’s becoming increasingly popular. So don’t hesitate, put the app on your phone and start playing around with it to get used to how it works. Sell an item or two to see if it’s a fit for you. 


ThredUP takes care of all the fuss for you. They simply send you a shipping bag, and you go through your closet. You can literally put clothes from you and your kids in the bag and send it back. Just keep in mind that they don’t accept men’s items at this time. Another important thing is that they don’t want you to fill up the bag of clothing to weigh more than 15 pounds.

It will take up to three weeks for them to receive the bag and let you know that it’s in their warehouse. They go through the trouble of taking photos and listing the items. Once your clothing sells, you will get a payout based on what the item sold for. Keep in mind, you won’t make near what you spent, but you don’t really have to do much work. They do the heavy lifting, and you get paid. The turnaround time is a little slower than some of the other options, but it’s a great program. 

Mosh Posh

If you find yourself needing to sell designer clothing, I would use Mosh Posh without a doubt. They have stunning handbags, clothing, purses, and shoes. If you happen to live in Tampa, you can simply take your items there. Otherwise, a quick email will get you set up. You will have to provide them with a description of your item as well as photos, and then they will post it and sell it for you. 

So, if you have a passion for all things designer, then you really should look into Mosh Posh. The only problem I see is that I want to buy everything when I look at their site, but who doesn’t? 

Facebook Marketplace

What I love about Facebook Marketplace is that we are all already on Facebook every day! Take advantage of the fact you already are familiar with Facebook anyway. Post your listings, and you can either sell them locally or all over the country. Keep in mind, most likely; you will have to ship the items once people make a purchase. In most cases, you can get paid through Paypal or other payment systems you are already part of. 


Ebay has gotten forgotten about by many when it comes to selling items. Don’t forget this gem because it’s an enormous company and people still shop there all the time. You can make a lot of money if you sell a lot because you get to pick your own prices or allow people to bid on items. Bidding is fun because often people will pay a little more than they normally would so that they can “win.” That is a massive win for your pocketbook too. 


This is another option that you can put the app right on your cell phone. Then snap some photos, give some details about your items, name your price and let it sell itself. You will get a 10% seller’s fee with every sale. You can sell everything from clothes to gaming devices. The options are endless with Mercari! They also have prepaid shipping labels, which will save you a hassle too. This app is gaining lots of popularity and becoming a go-to place to buy and sell for many shoppers. 

I hope you have found some ideas that will work for you so you can easily sell your clothes for some extra money. Save yourself time and forget having a yard sale. These options are way less time consuming and fun! 


Offerup is another app where you can sell your clothes (or any item) locally or around the country. You will be responsible for shipping. What I love about this app is that you can communicate directly with the seller so you can ask specific questions about the items. 

Tips for Selling Your Used Clothes

Use Safe Trade Spots. If you are selling locally online then please be safe and check out SafeTradeSpots are designated locations at law enforcement offices where buyers and sellers can meet in public under surveillance to complete in-person transactions. There’s no charge for the service.

Take Great Pictures. Make sure your pictures are clear and the area is free of distractions. Try to have the area well-lit. 

Have Accurate Descriptions. Be honest about your items. Be sure to mention any blemishes. I also try to mention the type of material, inseams, and if the item fits true to size for the original retailer’s size guide. 

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