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Tips for Rocking Plus-Size Body Confidence

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If you are a plus-size woman like me you constantly have society beating you down. I try my best to stay confident even if I am a size 26. If I don’t love myself then I won’t have the motivation to improve myself, physically or otherwise. Here are my tips for rocking plus-size body confidence.

Tips for Plus-Size Body Confidence

Wear Clothes that Fit. It might seem tempting to squeeze yourself into those jeans that your smaller friends are wearing. Just don’t do it. If your clothes are tight or restricting then you will not be comfortable. If you can’t be comfortable moving about normally, it will affect your confidence.

Invest in Quality Undergarments. A lot of times a great bra and shapewear can make a dramatic effect on your appearance. The right bra will lift you up and reduce strain on your back. Go to a plus-size clothing store like Torrid, Lane Bryant, or Cato and get fitted. Since they are a store that caters to plus-size women, I find the environment a lot more comfortable.

Forget Trends. Fashion is personal. Fashion is about personal and artistic expression. I love dressing in skirts and dresses. I am addicted to pinup styles. I also love a good pair of sweats and a comfy tank top. It doesn’t matter to me what is “in” and if the “in” style works with my plus-size body. Very few styles and trends are great for all body types even if you aren’t plus-size.

Another thing, don’t let fashion “rules” prevent you from wearing something you want to wear. I am talking about crop tops, bikinis, sleeveless tops, etc. If you feel confident wearing it, wear it. I just bought a high-waisted bikini from Torrid. I live in Florida, I rarely wear sleeves. My flabby arms wave more than a flag but I am showing them. I am comfortable which makes me confident.

Take Lots of Pictures of Yourself. Many plus-size women shy away from the camera. In recent years I have begun to love myself in front of the camera. How did this happen? I studied my pictures. I discovered poses, angles, and clothing styles that make me look amazing.

Don’t forget to smile. A smile can be the prettiest feature you have. I used to be addicted to America’s Next Top Model. One of the best things I learned from that show was smizing, or in other words smiling with your eyes. Make your smile go from your lips all the way up to your eyes.

If you are at Disney, get yourself in front of all the Photopass Photographers.

Ignore Haters. The sad thing about life is that there will always be someone who will want to tear you down. Surround yourself with family and friends who love you and your body. What I hate most is people who assume my lifestyle is full of junk food and laziness. I have to work hard to ignore the ignorance. My husband is awesome. Though I knew he always thought I was pretty. It was not until I boosted my own self-confidence that he complimented me more. Now it’s like he can’t get enough of me, lol.

Final Thoughts on Plus-Size Body Confidence

It doesn’t matter if you have always been curvy, just got curvy, working hard to lose weight, or are comfortable and healthy with your current weight being confident is something needed. Love yourself. Loving your body helps you want to make it healthier. Loving yourself helps you to truly love others.

Let’s discuss! What is something you need to start doing more to boost your plus-size confidence? Let me know in the comments below.

Sharing is caring!


Friday 11th of October 2019

Thank you for posting this! Reading it really helped me feel better about my curves and view things with a different perspective.


Saturday 12th of October 2019

So glad you enjoyed it! I am on a journey to love myself more and live life to the fullest :)