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Captain America Coloring Pages

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier continues the story of Captain America: The First Avenger. Here are some Captain America Coloring Pages for the kids to color as you watch any of the Avenger movies. 

Captain America Activity Pages

Captain America is a picture of American patriotism. He is just, moral, and loves America like no other. He is very passionate about his role in the Avengers.

For these activity pages, you just need crayons, markers, or colored pencils. These coloring pages have a very comic-book feel and are great for both children and adults!

  1. Coloring Book Cover 
  2. Captain America Coloring Page
  3. Black Widow Coloring Page
  4. Nick Fury Coloring Page
  5. Sam Wilson Coloring Page
  6. Falcon Coloring Page
  7. The Winter Soldier Coloring Page
  8. Black Widow & Cap Coloring Page 
  9. How many hostages?
  10. Finish the drawing!
  11. Finish the drawing #2 
  12. Winter Soldier, Cap, and Nick Fury Activity Page
  13. Finish Drawing Captain America 
  14. Finish Drawing the Black Widow
  15. Finish Drawing the Helicarrier

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Sharing is caring!