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Cars Fun Facts & Easter Eggs

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Today, we dive into the fascinating world of Disney-Pixar’s beloved film franchise, Cars. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Lightning McQueen, Mater, and the charming world of talking cars that has captured hearts worldwide. Join us as we uncover behind-the-scenes secrets, discover hidden Easter eggs, and explore surprising trivia that will deepen your appreciation for this beloved animated franchise.

What is Cars Storyline?

In the first installment of Disney Pixar’s Cars,” we are introduced to a world where automobiles have personalities and lead lives akin to humans. The story centers around the brash and ambitious racecar, Lightning McQueen, who finds himself stranded in the sleepy town of Radiator Springs en route to the Piston Cup Championship.

Initially disdainful of the town’s quaint charm and its diverse inhabitants, Lightning soon forms unexpected friendships with the rusty tow truck, Mater, and the kind-hearted Porsche, Sally. Through their guidance and the wisdom of Doc Hudson, a retired racecar, Lightning learns the importance of friendship, humility, and the true meaning of winning.

Together, they face numerous challenges, overcome personal obstacles, and embark on a thrilling journey that ultimately transforms Lightning into a changed car, reminding us all that sometimes the most valuable victories are found off the racetrack.

Disney-Pixar Cars Fun Facts

This is taking Forever! On average, it took 17 hours to render each frame of the film. In addition, it was the first Pixar film to use ray tracing to accurately create the reflections on the cars. Ray tracing is a rendering technique used in computer graphics to create highly realistic and visually accurate images. It simulates the behavior of light by tracing the path of individual rays as they interact with virtual objects and surfaces in a scene.

Cars wasn’t a hit at first. Cars received a 74% “Certified Fresh” rating on the movie review website, Rotten Tomatoes. This is the second-lowest rating ever given to a Pixar film, after its sequel Cars 2, which got an even lower rating.

An Apple Car. During the introductory race, there is a white car with the Apple, Inc. logo. His racing number is 84. This is the same year that Apple, Inc. famously released the Macintosh personal computer.

It’s All in the Details. If you look at any sky scenes, all the jet contrails are tire marks.

Even License Plate Numbers Have Meaning. Luigi’s license plate reads “445-108”, which is the latitude and longitude for the main Ferrari factory in Modena, Italy. Look closely at the license plate of the Rust-eze Bumper Ointment delivery truck; it reads “CARS-113,” another nod to the A113 reference commonly found in Pixar films.

Life in the Fast Lane. Lightning McQueen’s racing number, “95,” has a special significance. It is a tribute to the year Pixar released their first feature-length film, “Toy Story,” marking a significant milestone in the studio’s history. The number was originally going to be 57 for John Lasseter’s birth year.

Real-Life Racing Legends. Many of the racecars in “Cars” are modeled after actual racing legends. For example, Lightning McQueen’s design was inspired by both NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the classic Plymouth Superbird.

Route 66 Revival. The fictional town of Radiator Springs in “Cars” draws inspiration from real-life Route 66 landmarks, such as the Monument Valley and the Wigwam Hotel. These nostalgic roadside attractions helped shape the charming and nostalgic atmosphere of the film.

From Storyboard to Reality. The iconic race sequences in “Cars” were meticulously crafted to mimic the movements and dynamics of real racecars. Pixar animators visited racetracks and studied actual races to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the film’s thrilling action scenes.

Pixar Easter Eggs in Cars to Look Out For

Pizza Planet Truck. It can be seen with a group of vehicles outside the Los Angeles International Speedway ahead of the Piston Cup.

John Lasseter’s Voice. John Lasseter, the director of “Cars” and former chief creative officer of Pixar, lends his voice to two characters in the film: Blue Car Transporter and Red, the fire engine.

Are there any Hidden Mickeys in Cars? No. The Cars movie does not have any official or widely recognized Hidden Mickeys.

Now, armed with this newfound knowledge, it’s time to hit the road again and watch Cars with a fresh perspective. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the enchanting world of Radiator Springs, appreciate the intricate animation, and embrace the heartwarming messages of friendship, humility, and the true value of winning beyond the racetrack.

Happy viewing, and may your appreciation for this beloved Pixar gem continue to grow with each watch!

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