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Castle Fireworks Kids Painting Craft

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Let’s make our own magical sight! One of the most magical moments for me is watching the fireworks over Cinderella Castle, for children, it is even more magical. It’s the perfect way to end a Disney day. Temporarily Disney World has stopped the fireworks show for our safety. Today I am sharing with you a castle fireworks kids painting activity using forks that is super fun!

Castle Fireworks Painting Craft

What you will need for this activity is:

  • Kids Washable Paint
  • Forks- Real forks work best, but plastic will do as well.
  • Castle Printout Version 1 or Castle Printout Version 2 (easier to cut)
  • Construction Paper. I tried black paper but the paint didn’t show that vibrantly so I ended up using a lighter color.
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Glitter (optional)

The first step is to cut out the castle and glue it to the construction paper. I have included 2 different castles since the one that is similar to Cinderella Castle is a bit hard for little ones to cut themselves.

How to Paint Fireworks with Forks

Once you have the castle glued on to the construction paper, it’s time to paint.

This is a painting technique where less paint is better. I poured my paint in disposable plates and bowls. Guide your kids to dip the fork into the paint and then wipe a lot of it off. You get more firework lines with a drier fork.

Using just one fork gives a beautiful mixing of colors but a fork per color can be pretty as well.

Once the fireworks are painted sprinkle on the glitter if you are using it. I think it gives it a little extra magic. Let dry and proudly display your child’s version of Happily Ever After!

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