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How to Minimize and Declutter Your Kitchen

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The kitchen can often become a collect-all for miscellaneous piles of stuff. Clutter in the kitchen is often inevitable, but there are ways to help deter clutter in the kitchen. Today I’m sharing some tips on how to minimize and declutter your kitchen so that you no longer have to stare at the overload of stuff and can rest easy knowing that your cupboards are full of items that are useful.

How to Declutter Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where your day gets started. It’s where you enjoy your first cup of coffee, and breakfast before getting the kids off to school or heading off to work. Having a simple, minimalist kitchen will help keep that space productive and enjoyable.

I am slowly decluttering my kitchen on my minimalist journey.

Have I used it in the last 90 days?

Your first step to decluttering a kitchen is to ask if you’ve used an item in the last 90 days. This goes for gadgets, containers, and similar items in your kitchen. In order to keep maintain a clean, clutter-free kitchen you have to be certain that the items you have in the kitchen serve a purpose or bring you joy. If you haven’t used it in the last 90 days and don’t plan on using in the next 90 days, get rid of it. This excludes items you use during the holidays.

Items to Sort

Plastic Wares – I don’t know about you but I have a storage basket full of plastic to-go containers and lids. Every 2-3 months I go through these and look for containers that are missing lids, are cracked, or stained and recycle them.

Cups & Glasses – Recently I went through my cupboard and got rid of all my “promotional” plastic cups and water bottles. You know the ones I mean. The cups and bottles you get handed for free at events and fairs. I pulled them and recycled those.

I also got rid of my plain glasses. I have lots of the collectible Disney glasses that were sitting in boxes because they are collectible. I want to use them though. Since it seems silly to me to have 2+ sets of glasses for my family I donated the plain glassware and now use my Disney glasses all the time.

Cooking Utensils – Spatulas, pancake turners, wooden spoons, and all those other wonderful utensils seem to get so entangled in my utensil drawer. I had 6+ pairs of tongs. I decided I did not need that many and for now, paired it down to three. They are high quality and I should not need any others.

Gadgets – Take inventory of your kitchen gadgets. As you get older they seem to multiply. Go through and get rid of ones that you no longer use or have replaced.

What is in your Pantry?

Look through your spice rack, cupboards, and pantry shelves for expired items to see if you can get rid of anything. The rule of thumb for baking items will vary depending on what they are but whole wheat flour can last about 3-4 months, while baking powder is good for about 12 months and cooking oils can last up to two years if unopened. Spices are another item in the cupboards that many people find cause clutter in their kitchen. On average, spices remain good for 2-4 years if stored properly.

What is stored on the counter & in kitchen drawers?

Pull everything out of your kitchen drawers and take inventory. You can work to consolidate chargers by creating a DIY charging station for all electronic devices to be charged so that you don’t have a drawer full of miscellaneous chargers. Purchase a battery storage container to store all loose batteries in. Get rid of anything on the countertop that you don’t use on a regular basis by donating it or giving it a new home in a cupboard designated for occasional use kitchen items.

Decluttering your kitchen may be a tedious process if you’ve never fully gone through your kitchen, but once you have completed these tips for decluttering your kitchen you can easily maintain the organization of your kitchen with ease. Continue to use these tips every few months to maintain your decluttered kitchen throughout the entire year.

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