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Disney Art Lesson: Mary Blair

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Mary Blair is one of the most recognized artists in the Disney company. Her art is enjoyed by people throughout the world. Though Mary did many art styles, she is known for her colorful, abstract art. In this lesson kids will learn about Mary Blair and her contributions and then complete a Mary Blair inspired art piece of their own.

Who is Mary Blair?

I have included this free and easy printable worksheet to guide your child through some of the information they can find online about Mary Blair. Here are some websites that you can direct your child to.

Mary Blair Worksheet image

Mary Blair Art Lesson Suggested Activities

Color a Mary Blair Inspired Castle. The second page of the worksheet is a Mary Blair-inspired castle kids can color.

Mary Blair coloring page image

Create a Mary Blair Inspired Art Piece. This activity uses construction paper, scissors, and glue. Have kids cut out several shapes (Squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, etc) and then have them build a Mary Blair design and then fill it in with details once they are done.

Watch a Ride Through of It’s a Small World and have your child point out some of the common elements in the art, like the use of shapes, colors, etc. Does the art look real, does it look playful?

Mary Blair is a great example of a female artist that has made a mark in Disney history and in the animation industry. My hope is that this short study will help your child appreciate her art and the attraction a little bit more.

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