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Disney Movie Charades Printable Game

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Charades is a game that brings laughter, excitement, and creativity to any family gathering. If you love Disney, my Disney Movie Charades is a perfect game to play. All you need to play this Disney charades game is the free printable and your imagination!

If you have never played charades before, it’s an improvisational game that involves acting out a word or phrase without speaking. The objective is for the other players to guess what the word or phrase is, so the actor will have to use body language, facial expressions, and gestures to get the message across.

If you have a family movie night planned, this is a perfect game to play during your family movie night – you can include just the movie you just watched or expand to all Disney movies. This Disney movie charades game includes many Disney movies.

*Fun Fact* Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf are playing charades at the beginning of Frozen 2.

How to Play Disney Movie Charades as a Family

Playing charades as a family is a great way to bond while having a lot of fun. Charades is a game that can be played by all ages, allowing everyone to participate. Charades is a perfect family game because it promotes communication, listening, and teamwork.

Step 1 – Print and cut out the Disney Movie Charade Clues. Place into a hat or bag where players can’t what they are picking.

Step 2 – Every player takes turns picking a paper and then acting out the word without talking while the other players guess.

Step 3 – Decide on rules and if you want to play just for fun or for points to make it more competitive. This is your family game so you make the rules.

Typical Rules are:

  • Divide into teams or play as individuals.
  • Set a time limit for guessing (usually 1-2 minutes). Using your phone or kitchen timer is a great way to keep track.
  • The actor may not speak or make any noise, including humming, clapping, or any other sound.
  • Use words in the word or phrase to help guess if necessary.
  • The team that guesses first gets the point, or the actor gets a point for each correct guess.
  • No repeat words or phrases until all have been used.

To make charades a little more competitive and fun, consider offering prizes for the winning and the losing teams. Some prize ideas include:

  • A dessert of the winner’s choice
  • Movie night or a video game of the winner’s choice
  • An extra hour of screen time
  • A homemade trophy or medal

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