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Free Disney Scattergories Printable Game

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Gather the family for a fun night of playing this Disney Scattergories Printable! Grab some snacks, a few drinks, and laugh the night away. 

Hosting a family game night is an excellent way to make memories with your friends and family members. Make your game night extra fun with some creative options, like this Disney Scattergories printable game! This easy Disney-themed version of the traditional family favorite will keep everyone laughing and learning simultaneously, making it ideal for children and adults. Even your teens might have fun with this one!

Why You’ll Love This Disney Scattergories Printable

  • Anyone who can read and knows Disney movies can play!
  • It’s a great way to keep your mind active while having a great time. 
  • You can print it as many times as you need it. 
  • Disney fans will get to show off their knowledge of their beloved films. 

Items Needed To Play

This printable Disney game includes everything you need except for the participants and a timer. 🙂

How To Play Disney Scattergories

Step 1: Cut the letters in the alphabet and place them in a basket or bowl. 

Step 2: Pick from the printable lists, then draw a letter out of the container. 

Step 3: Set a timer for 3 minutes. 

Step 4: Start the time and fill in your answers as quickly as possible before you run out of time. 

Step 5: Once the time is up, everyone takes turns reading their answers aloud. If any of the players have duplicate answers, you must cross that off your list and it’s not worth any points. 

Step 6: Tally up each player’s points for that round and add the score to the list sheet. After all the rounds have been played, the player with the most points wins! In the case of a tie, compete with a tie-breaker round!

Expert Tips

  • Make it easier – To save some time and make the game a lot easier, feel free to remove hard letters like “Q” and “X”. 
  • Cardstock – If you want to make the game sheets and pieces even stronger, feel free to print them on cardstock. It will keep the letters from bending as you grab them. 
  • Host a Disney Party – If you want to make it the ultimate Disney event, make snacks and serve drinks that are Disney-themed like this Heart of Te Fiti Moana Inspired Drink. Bonus points if the guests dress as their favorite character! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the game pieces last longer?

Easy fix! Purchase some laminating sheets (no laminator needed) and laminate the letters and the list pages. Then use a fine-tipped sharpie marker or fine-tipped dry erase marker to add your answers. If using a sharpie, the marks will last better and you aren’t likely to rub them off. To remove the sharpie, just go over it with a dry erase marker and it will come right off. Wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel and you have a clean game list! 

Do you have to play for 3 minutes each round?

Nope, not at all! 3 minutes, is simply the average time, but you can adjust to any time limit you like! Make it more challenging by shortening the time or give extra time for large groups or younger children. It’s your game, so you can adjust the rules as you see fit. 

Does this Disney Scattergories printable make a good gift idea?

Absolutely! To give it as a gift, print off all the game pieces and place them in a box. You can get some inexpensive gift boxes at your local dollar store or pick up a fancier box at a craft store or order one online. Add in some tissue paper, and the game pieces. Tie with a ribbon and add a cute Disney character. You could even decorate the box with Disney stickers too! 

As you can imagine this Disney Scattergories printable is going to provide hours of entertainment! Whether you are hosting a game night or you take the game along with you during a Disney trip, everyone is going to have a blast. 

The best part is the laughs and memories you will make with the other players. Plus, you can play as many times as you want and the answers are always going to be different. Enjoy!

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