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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast | Life Lessons from LeFou

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Though Cinderella is my princess, I really love the story of The Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is a story of how love can change an angry heart. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is an amazing rendition of their classic animated version. Since I am a teacher at heart, when I look at a movie I look for life lessons. In most of my movie reviews here, I usually discuss how the main character of the movie teaches a life lesson. In this movie, I am going to discuss some very important Life Lessons from LeFou.

****This review does have spoilers****

Life Lessons from LeFou

As you may recall from Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast, LeFou is Gaston’s sidekick. Lefou has this one-sided bromance with Gaston. If Gaston was not so into himself, he would probably consider LeFou a great friend rather than his support system. Once the invasion scene on the castle starts, you see LeFou a couple times and then never see him again.

In the live-action Beauty and the Beast, LeFou has more character development and Josh Gad did an awesome job taking Lefou to a whole new level.

LeFou Learns He was on the Wrong Side. I believe LeFou learns this before he joins the castle’s side during the fight. All throughout the movie, LeFou is trying to get Gaston to do the right thing. You can tell LeFou is not ok with the choices Gaston is making, especially when it comes to Maurice.

Have you ever been friends with someone and realized that maybe they weren’t the best person for you to hang with? You might not notice right away, but when you do, you need to say something just like LeFou did.

LeFou Learns Friendship is a Two-Way Street. Just like the animated version LeFou is at the beck and call of Gaston. If Gaston feels bad, LeFou is there. If Gaston needs help with a plan, LeFou is there. When is Gaston ever there for LeFou? He never is and disregards LeFou and treats him as if he does not matter at all. It becomes very clear to LeFou that he is just a pawn to Gaston when in the tavern scene when Gaston is trying to get Maurice locked up.

Being in a one-sided relationship is hard. You feel as if you never measure up and desperately try to gain favor. I think LeFou realized Gaston only wanted him as long as he was useful.

LeFou Gains His Voice. During the castle attack, LeFou changes sides and begins defending the castle. I think he had enough of being treated like a pawn. You can sense a new strength in LeFou when he announces he was on the wrong side.

With his voice, he found strength, courage, and happiness. What will you find when you find your voice? Finding my voice is something I have been working on in the last year. Every day I am becoming more confident in who I am and realizing my voice, my thoughts, and words count.

What about the Exclusively Gay Moment?

The media created a lot of smoke for something I didn’t even see a fire for. Without the coverage announcing the “moment” I would have completely missed it. Children won’t notice anything at all. Is LeFou gay? Maybe, maybe not I couldn’t tell from the movie alone.

The scene where he dances with another man is accidental. They smile and continue dancing. During my wedding, two male friends danced together. One was gay and one was not. They danced together and even smiled. Nothing wrong with that even if both were gay.

I am a Christian and did not find that scene offensive. I also don’t expect society to make everything according to my beliefs.

Beauty and the Beast Review

I have not been a fan of many of the live-action remakes Disney has been making in the recent years. This movie is the exception. It was almost as if they took the animated movie and put it in real life. Plus, elements that were added were respectably and beautifully done. You find out more about Belle’s mom, the Beast’s background, and the Enchantress.

The artistry and music were wonderful, though I do not think Emma Watson has a spectacular voice. The song that really got me was the Beast’s song. You can really see that he loved Belle and is extremely hurt. That song brought tears to my eyes.

I could go on and on, but overall I give this movie 5/5 stars. You should go see it and also see it in 3d. The 3d makes the Be Our Guest scene so spectacular!

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Character Posters

Here are the beautiful character posters for Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, the live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic, which include: Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast and as the Prince,Luke Evans as Gaston, Kevin Kline as Maurice, Josh Gad as LeFou, Ewan McGregor as Lumière, Stanley Tucci as Cadenza, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette, Audra McDonald as Garderobe, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts.

Clicking on the small image will open a link to the full-size image so you can use them for phone backgrounds or whatever you choose!

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Trailer

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Monday 27th of March 2017

This is my favorite part of your post, During my wedding, two male friends danced together. One was gay and one was not. They danced together and even smiled. Nothing wrong with that even if both were gay. I love it! Thanks for the write up.