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Disney’s Napoleon and Samantha Movie Review

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Last year was all about watching Disney’s animated movies, this year my husband and I are attempting to watch all the Disney live-action films, especially the older ones. I picked out Disney’s Napoleon and Samantha. It is a really cute film.

Napoleon and Samantha (Jodie Foster) are the best of friends living in a country-type community. Napoleon lives with his Grandfather and loves hearing the stories the old man tells. I am not sure, but I think a lot of the stories told are stretching the truth. One day while Napoleon and his Grandfather are walking they run across a circus wagon. A performer and a lion are enjoying a meal together. The performer states he is ending their performances and he is moving across the pond. He can’t take Major the lion and is looking for someone to take care of him because he is in retirement age. Major is harmless because his teeth are rotted out and all he eats/drinks is milk. Napoleon and his Grandfather agree to take Major and succeed at keeping him hidden.

Napoleon’s Grandfather dies and this is where the story gets a little weird for me. Napoleon decides not to tell anyone that his Grandfather dies, other than Samantha. He doesn’t want to go into foster care. He hires someone to bury his Grandpa that won’t tell anyone. The man that he hires is a college student that lives on the other side of the wilderness. He tries to make sure Napoleon is safe and tells him how to get to his house to visit.

Napoleon decides he wants to live with the college kid so he starts his journey. Samantha wants to come along as well. The journey is dangerous but Major wards off several enemies during their journey. They finally find their friend and you think all is going to end well. The college student decides to go into town and report the boy missing so he could get a nice home, but Samantha’s guardian thinks he is bad. Turns out that the college kid’s friend that he had watching the kids is really the bad guy. A chase between the college kid and the authorities ensues as he tries to get to the kids before the babysitter does.

This is movie is really good. Several parts of the film reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books called My Side of the Mountain.

What did you think of Napolean and Samantha? Let me know in the comments!

Sharing is caring!