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DIY Disney Button Wreath | Disney Dollar Tree Craft

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One of the best Disney World freebies are the free buttons they hand out.  I have accumulated quite a few buttons from my park visits and have been trying to find a cute way to display them. This budget-friendly DIY Disney Button Wreath is the perfect solution for displaying all your Disney buttons. 

Disney Buttons are given away every day for birthdays, celebrations, and first visits. Disney also gives away buttons during opening weekends for big movie premieres, park celebrations, passholder perks, and more.

DIY Disney Button Wreath Instructions

Step 1 – Using a small piece of pipe cleaner, tie one end of the decorative mesh at the top of the wreath. You could also just tie it if you don’t have pipe cleaners around. 

Step 2 – Wrap the mesh around the wire wreath frame. Make this wrap more on the tight side so your pins will not droop down.

Step 3 – Once your mesh is on, start pinning your buttons on. I discovered pinching the mesh up and then pinning was the best method. I had a lot of buttons so I layered my buttons. If you have fewer buttons, you can spread them out and maybe add other Disney souvenirs like your magic band, Mickey straws, or Disney pins. Another option is the cute Disney buttons from Hot Topic. They are small and would be perfect for filling the gaps in. 

If desired, add an alternative color of mesh and weave in and out of the buttons to add a little more texture.I did a clear/glitter mesh that really doesn’t show on my white wall but I still like it.

Disney Button Wreath Tips

  • Cover Writing with Tape. Permanent marker tends to fade or wipe off these buttons with ease so when you receive a button try to get a piece of tape from the Cast Member to tape over the writing. If you didn’t find one, use clear tape at home. 
  • Add/Age Year to Buttons. A lot of my pins don’t have my age or anniversary year on them. Now I know to add that while I am celebrating. 
  • Add Mickey Ears. Make your wreath more “Disney” by adding two smaller wreaths to the top and repeating the steps. 

Sharing is caring!