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DIY Mini Fuse Bead Minnie Earrings

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In just 20 minutes, you can quickly and easily make your own jewelry! I’m so excited to share with you how to make these Mini Fuse Bead Minnie Earrings. They are the perfect addition to all your outfits!

Mini Fuse Bead Minnie Earrings

I love doing crafts, especially when they are anything Disney related. You already know how much I enjoy Mickey & Minnie, so these earrings are right up my alley. These are so cute and have pink and white bows on top of Minnie’s head. They are a must next time you are visiting Disney!

One thing I love about these earrings (besides the fact that they are awesome) is that even older kids can put them together. Younger kids could possibly be able to make them with assistance, but most older kids can work on their own. The hardest part for kids is closing the jump rings, but once they get the hang of it, it’s easy.

If you are looking to have some Disney gear without spending the money, these homemade earrings are a great idea. They can add some fun flair to all your outfits and barely cost any money to make. Plus, once you make your first pair, you are going to love how fun they are and want to make more. Trust me; it’s pretty addictive! So it’s time to gather your friends, the kids, or just spend a little bit of your day creating this adorable craft.

Supplies Needed:

This kit on Amazon comes with 36 colors of Fuse beads and also includes 5 Pegboards, Ironing Paper & Chain Accessories.

How To Make Mini Fuse Beed Minnie Earrings

If you haven’t made a ton of crafts before, this is a great one to start with. It’s not terribly difficult, and they are something you can be proud of when you are finished. Let’s get started:

First Step: Begin at the center, using a round pegboard and add a black bead. Then you’ll need to add beads making 3 rows adding them around the center bead.

Second Step: You’ll need to add a hot pink bead in the center once you get to the top outer row. Next, you’ll need to place a white bead on each side of the pink bead. Add more pink beads on the sides of the white beads to form Minnie’s bow.

NOTE: Look at the photo, and you’ll notice the first row has 3, then 4, then another row of 4, with the last being 3. This is what yours will need to look like as you add the rest of the beads to form Minnie’s ears.

Third Step: Take an ironing sheet and cover the beads.

Fourth Step: Turn on the iron to medium heat and run it over the earrings & ironing sheet. Make sure to rotate it in small circles. Only do this for 30-40 seconds. All the beads to cool slightly, then remove from the board and flip over. Add the iron sheet again and place the iron on top rotating in circles for 30-40 seconds.

Fifth Step: Now, let’s turn these into earrings. You’ll need to stick the pin through the top center bead to open up the hole.

Sixth Step: Feed the jump ring through the center pink bead and close it using a pair of pliers.

Seventh Step: Then, you’ll need to open the other jump ring and carefully. Now you’ll need to feed it through the first ring. Add the earring hook end. Close it, and you are finished with your first Minnie earring!

Eighth Step: Repeat the process with the second earring.

Mini Fuse Bead Minnie Earrings FAQs

Can I Change The Color Of Beads?

Yes, absolutely! Feel free to give Minnie any color of bow you want. Red and white would be adorable and traditional. Or you could go with something like yellow and blue. Go wild and try out different combinations until you have some you love. Because they are so inexpensive and easy to make, you can have several pairs using various colors.

Can I Make The Earrings Without Ironing Paper?

Absolutely! The ironing paper is important because it creates a barrier between the beads and the hot iron. If you don’t have ironing paper, you can easily swap it for a piece of wax paper. Another option would be parchment paper. You could also use a silicone mat that is normally used for baking and turn it into a craft mat. All of the options will work well, so use what you have on hand.

Do Earrings Make Good Gifts?

Yes, for sure! Everyone knows that hard to buy for kids or adults. Well, if they love Disney, they are sure to get a kick out of these earrings. Plus, homemade gifts are always so special.

I recommend adding the earrings to a box and placing a cute ribbon. The feeling of watching their face light up when they open it is magical. Which, we all know Minnie has a way of making everything magical. 🙂

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I hope you have enjoyed learning how to make Mini Fuse Bead Minnie Earrings as much as I have liked telling you about it. We would love to see your finished earrings, so be sure to tag us or send us your photos. Thanks for stopping by; we love having you!

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