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Frankenweenie Movie Review

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If you are looking for a great Disney Halloween movie, then Frankenweenie fits the bill. First of all, let me premise this post by saying that I had never seen a Tim Burton film before and I am sensitive when it comes to the scare factor.

This movie is filled with all sorts of weird. I guess that is the best way to put it. The only “normal” characters seem to be the parents of Victor.  Victor is a lovable character though, and he ends up being my favorite character in the movie. Victor is kind of the loner, the outsider. Nobody understands or really wants to hang out with him, not that he would want to hang out with them.

Victor is in love with science. He has a science lab in his attic and several parts of his character remind me of Lewis in Meet the Robinsons. He loved his dog Sparky and it seemed to be one of his only friends.

I would say my second favorite character is the science teacher. He taught science even to the point of losing his job. He teaches Victor that without love, even science can turn out bad.  Victor connects to the science teacher more than anyone else in the film.

***Spoiler Alert from this point forward***

The movie does have its intense, scary parts but it has nothing to do with “Frankenweenie” aka Sparky. Victor brings Sparky back to life, but Sparky stays a lovable, yet now even freakier-looking dog.

The scary parts take place near the end of the movie when other students use Victor’s science model to bring other animals back to life. Since their animals were brought back to life from jealousy, curiosity, and competition their animals were vicious. The “evolved” creatures tried destroying the city. Victor and Sparky end up heroes during the end scenes.

I do not recommend this film for small children at all.  This film is rated PG.

I would say on the scare factor (for a Disney movie) it would get a solid 5/5. 

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