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10 Fun and Romantic Easter Dates

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Easter is not just for kids. Have some fun with your significant other with these fun Easter Date ideas that incorporate springtime and Easter themes. 

Easter Date Ideas

I love finding easy and cheap date ideas for my husband and me. I have a firm belief that dating shouldn’t end once you get married and have kids. I am always looking for more ideas to spend time with my husband outside of Netflix and chill. I might not remember much about the times we spent in front of the TV but I will remember those special dates we took even if they were at home. 

1. Dye Eggs Together

You can make it easy and do the kits at the store or you can be a bit more creative and search Pinterest for some really artsy, fancy ways to decorate your eggs. Dying eggs as a family with the kids is fun but if it is just you and your date, then it is not as hectic and you can really let your creative side come out. 

2. Watch an Easter Movie

Have an Easter movie-themed date night. 

  • The Passion of the Christ – If you are a Christian and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ watch The Passion of the Christ together and make resurrection rolls.  You can also go to church together dress in new Easter outfits.
  • Hop – Cute movie about Easter. 
  • Zootopia – Though not expressly Easter, it does have one cute bunny in it! 

3. Go on a Picnic

Usually, the weather is beautiful near Easter and gives a perfect opportunity for a nice outside picnic. Be sure to include some fun springtime activities a scavenger hunt, hike, bike riding, or something else you and your date enjoy outdoors. 

4. Visit a Farm Together

Springtime is about new life. Spend some time with baby chicks and other new farm babies. If there is not a farm nearby, find a pond or lake with ducks in it and feed the ducks.

5. Have an Egg-Themed Dinner

 The possibilities are endless on this one. Quiches, breakfast for dinner, egg salad, deviled eggs, macaroons, etc. Have fun! This date will also be relatively cheap as eggs usually go on special around this time!

6. Make & Give a Easter Basket

You probably already have your child’s basket bought or thought out. Why not surprise an older person with an Easter basket. Take an afternoon and shop for a basket and treats for a lady at your church or an elderly family member. I am sure a basket from you would brighten their day.

7. Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Hide eggs from your date whether at home or at a park where there are not lots of people around to find them. Fill them with sweet notes, love coupons, jewelry, and other small tokens of your affection.

8. Get Crafty

Together we make some really cute finished projects and the best part is that we can look back on the item and remember how much fun we had creating it together. 

  • Make an Easter Wreath together.
  • Create a Masterpiece together with sidewalk chalk.
  • Make a jelly bean building

9. Play Fun Easter Games

Play some Easter themed games. Even if the games say they are for kids or groups there are usually ways to modify the game to make it work for a couple. 

  • Egg Toss – See how far you are your significant other can throw eggs to each other and catch them. You can choose to hard boil the eggs or leave them raw for a bigger challenge. 
  • Jelly Bean Race – For this game you will need a bag or two of jelly beans, plastic spoons, and two cups. Set the bags of jelly beans on one side of the room and the cups on the other. Using spoons race each other to see who can fill up their cup first with Jelly Beans. 
  • Candy Guessing Game – It’s always romantic when your date feeds you! One person closes their eyes while the other places different candy in their mouth. The taster needs to guess what candy it was — this works great with a variety of candy bars or jellybean flavors (Jellybelly has so many flavors!).

10. Go to a Botanical Garden

Flowers, Easter, and Springtime just go together. find your nearest botanical garden and explore it. Learn about the flowers, take pictures of each other, and just stroll hand in hand admiring the beauty. 

You can do one of all of these ideas to make an awesome Spring or Easter-themed date! If you are looking for more date ideas check out my LEGO-themed Date Night and my Geocaching Date idea

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