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Life Lessons from Snow White

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Disney’s early princesses get a bad reputation for always waiting for a Prince to save them and not controlling their own destinies. I think that is completely wrong! All of the Disney Princesses have something we can learn about being a strong woman. Snow White dealt with a lot and we can learn a lot from her story. Life Lessons from Snow White are great for any little girl or woman to learn. Introduce your little ones to Snow White if you haven’t already!

Life Lessons from Snow White

If you ever faced terrible tragedy as a child then life is not the same as your peers. Snow White dealt with two major events in her life, the death of her parents and a near-death experience from the attempted murder planned by her stepmother. I also believe she was abused by the Evil Queen. Just one of those events would rock any child’s world. Snow White’s response was one of love and grace.

For this post, I am only referencing the Disney movie not the Grimm’s fairytale version.

Kindness Can Save the Day

A couple of different times, Snow White’s kind spirit saved her. Once when the Huntsman spared her life because of her kind nature with the animals. The second time when Snow White kindly asked the animals for help. Many times when you have been wronged you take it out on those around you. Snow White could have had a sour attitude because of her rough life instead, she practiced kindness.

Ask for Help

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is the strength of knowing your limits and weaknesses. Without asking the forest animals for help, Snow White would not have found the Dwarf’s Cottage. When you don’t know what to do, ask for help.

Remember Your Manners

Can you imagine the Dwarf’s response if they had come home and found their home trashed even more than what they left it? Snow White was polite and made a contribution to the home. She carried her own and did not depend on others to get her through.

Remember the Happy Times

Though Snow White encountered an attempt on her life, what she concentrates on when talking to Dwarfs is her romantic encounter with the Prince. She remembered the happy times. Don’t dwell on the past, move forward and look back just at the happy times. Snow White had hope for a brighter future, whether it was living forever with the Dwarfs or finding her true love.

Let’s Discuss! Do you have Snow White’s characteristics of being kind, hopeful, and smart? What else do you think we can learn from Snow White? Let me in the know comments!

Sharing is caring!