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Mickey Mouse Scavenger Hunt

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Meeska mooska Mickey Mouse! Scavenger hunts are a fun way to pass the time or reveal a big surprise such as a Disney Vacation! In this fun scavenger hunt, our pal, Mickey Mouse leads the lucky hunter inside and outside the house to reveal the final clue.

This game is best for preschoolers and young elementary children but depending on hard you hide the clues, older children will enjoy it as well. I have also made this printable game have a few blank clues so you can write in your own.

Mickey Mouse Scavenger Hunt Game Tips

Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. To get your kids excited to play a scavenger hunt game of their own, watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Each episode has Mickey and his pals help children a problem using basic skills.

Get the Whole Family Involved. Older kids can help cut out the clues, make new ones, and hide them.

Have Prizes. Whether the prize is small like picking the next family night movie or large like revealing a Disney Vacation, a prize will make it more interesting.

Don’t Make it Too Easy. Try to make some of the locations more challenging so the hunt takes longer, but not so hard they cannot figure it out on their own.

Play “Hot & Cold”.  If your kids are struggling to find a clue, tell them “warm, warmer, hot, melting” as they get closer or “cooler, cold, frozen” as they get farther away.

Cheer! Be present and cheer, clap, and celebrate with your kids!

Click here to print out the scavenger hunt clues.

How to Play

  1. Print out the Scavenger Hunt Clues
  2. Write Additional Clues on Blank Cards (not required)
  3. Hide Cards in Selected Locations
  4. Create Family Rules, such as rules about helping, time limits, etc.
  5. Play!
  6. Have Fun!

Do you play Disney-themed games as a family? What is your favorite one?

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