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Moana Printable Activity Pages

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Do you have a little one obsessed with Moana? Moana is such a cute movie. I love the music and message. I am sharing with you today some Moana printable activity pages. Have fun coloring and crafting with Moana and her friends!

Moana Printable Activity Pages

The printable activities include coloring pages, a memory match game, bookmarks, a maze, a dot-to-dot, a hexaflexagon craft, and 2 kakamora crafts.

For all of these printables, you will need a printer and paper. Some activities will come out better if you use heavier paper or cardstock.

Moana Printable Coloring Pages

For the coloring pages, you will need crayons, colored pencils, and or markers.

Memory Match Game

For the Memory Match Game, you will need cardstock or heavier paper to print the cards and scissors to cut them out. To help the game last longer you can laminate the pieces.

Moana Maze and Dot-to-Dot Pages

These fun games just require a pencil, colored pencil, or crayon to complete.

Make Moana Character Bookmarks

Printing these out on cardstock or heaver paper will help these last longer. You will also need

Maui Hexaflexagon Craft

Kakamora Crafts

Water Safety Tips 

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