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Monsters Inc Paper Plate Craft

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Monsters Inc. and Monsters University show us that monsters are nothing to be afraid of. Monsters are simply trying to live life just like us. Let’s make some monster art! Learn how to craft Mike Wazkowski, Sulley, and Celia.

Monsters Inc paper plate craft final

Materials Needed to Make Monsters Inc Monsters

  • Construction Paper- 1 piece purple, 1 piece pink, 1 piece brown
  • Kid Safe Paint- Green, black, white, purple, blue, and teal
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • glue
  • Paper plates
  • Black marker
  • Sponge

Mike Wazkowski Instructions

Everyone loves Mike! The monster with a big heart in a small monster body. Mike is the easiest of the monsters to make.

Mike paper plate craft
  1. Paint a paper plate all green. A brush can be used but fingers would work just as well! Allow the project to dry before continuing to the next step. Looking for an activity to do while waiting for the paint to dry? Check out these Monster University coloring and activity pages!
  2. Take another paper plate and cut out the center portion for the eye. Then cut a little more around the circle to make the eye a bit smaller.
  3. Glue eye to Mike’s body.
  4. Using a black marker or black paint, make a dot for the pupil of the eye.
  5. Using a blue marker or paint color the iris of Mike’s eye.
  6. Using the rim of another plate, make the horns but cutting 2 triangles.
  7. For Mike’s mouth, draw either a huge smile like above or a big circle for his surprised look with a black marker. Draw in his teeth, they are slightly rounded. Color or paint the inside of his mouth black.

Celia Instructions

Celia is the love of Mike’s life. She is a bit sassy or maybe that is just her hair. Her hair is rattlesnakes!

Celia paper plate craft
  1. First, paint the paper plate purple.
  2. While the paint is drying, take some purple construction paper to make the snakes. Show your child that they can make the snakes easily by making a “J” and topping it with an oval.
  3. For the snake eyes, a hole punch made the perfect shape.
  4. With a piece of pink construction paper, cut cones shapes for the rattles, and draw the rattle lines.
  5. For Celia’s eye, cut out the inside of a paper plate and cut it in half. Then round the flat top by cutting the corners.
  6. Paint or draw Celia’s pupil and iris.
  7. Glue eye onto dried purple head.
  8. Paint of draw Celia’s eyelid, mouth, and 3 lashes.
  9. Glue on hair rattlesnakes, making sure to have the rattles tucked underneath the head portions.

Sulley Instructions

Sulley, James P. Sullivan, is Mike’s best friend and work partner. He may look all tough and scary but he has the biggest heart. Unlike Mike and Celcia, Sulley is a furry monster and I thought sponge painting would be best to show off the spots of purple in his teal coat.

  1. After pouring some teal paint on a plate or bowl, guide your child to use a sponge to color in his base coat. Allow to dry.
  2. Next sponge paint his purple spots. Keep the paints out because after the eyes are glued on, his bushy eyebrows need to be painted on.
  3. Using something round like a vitamin container or small can, trace, and cut out two eyes. Paint or draw the iris and pupil.
  4. Glue the eyes on and sponge paint over the top part of the eyes.
  5. For his nose draw 2 sideways D’s and draw an arch over the D’s.
  6. For Sulley’s mouth, draw a huge smile like above or a scary growl with a black marker. Draw in his teeth. Color or paint the inside of his mouth black.
Mike and Sully paper plate craft

What Can You Do With Your Paper Plate Monsters?

One fun idea would be to glue Popsicle or craft sticks to the bottom and make them into puppets. You could also make a monster mobile.

What will your kids do with their monsters?

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