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Best Movies To Watch Before Your Universal Orlando Trip

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I have the ultimate list of Movies To Watch Before Your Universal Orlando Trip! One of the most fun parts of planning a vacation is watching movies before going to an iconic destination. This list of movies will have you laughing, excited, and maybe even shedding a tear or two by the end.

Movies To Watch Before Your Universal Orlando Trip

Movies To Watch Before Your Universal Orlando Vacation

Before you get all of your bags packed and head to the airport, you might want to be up to date with all the movies that inspire the attractions and rides. 

All of these movies are totally binge-worthy and many of them have sequels to give you the entire story. Pick the ones that interest you most, grab some popcorn, a few friends or family members, and settle in for a fun evening.

1. Shrek

I wanted to start off right with all of the Shrek movies. They are entertaining for the entire family and will keep everyone laughing. While you can get by with just watching the first one, they are all so good it’s hard not to get sucked in and watch all of them. 

2. Spiderman

It’s possible to spend hours upon hours watching all of the Spiderman-related movies and cartoons! They are classic family entertainment that will keep you all interested. There have been 9 Spiderman movies, with 3 different leads playing Spiderman. They are all incredibly good, so be prepared to get hooked. If you want to pick just one, I would pick the latest Spiderman- No Way Home. You get an introduction to all the Spidermans. It is such a great movie!

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man will keep you entertained with its insane technology. You’ll need to wear 3-D glasses for this virtual reality ride and be prepared for a 400-foot freefall! 

3. Harry Potter

First of all, if you haven’t watched any of the Harry Potter movies yet, DO IT! They are fantastic and will keep you highly entertained. Secondly, visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a memorable experience you don’t want to miss.  You can get by with just watching the first movie but to really feel the magic of Harry Potter World, I would watch them all.

While you are there, don’t forget to stop by the Leaky Cauldron for some grub!

4. Despicable Me

We’ve all seen the adorable Minions that seem to be plastered on everything! Time to invest a little bit of time and watch all of the Despicable Me movies along with the Minions movie. They are fun to binge-watch and viewers of all ages will be entertained. Then you will be all set to check out the ride/attraction Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

5. Transformers

Okay, if you love action and adventure, Transformers is going to keep you on your toes! There are 5 movies, but watching the first one is all that’s necessary. Although, I think once you watch it, you will be excited to see the others. If you are curious about how to watch the Transformer movies in order, check out this article from LifeWire.

The Transformers: The Ride-3D is filled with magical virtual reality to give you the ultimate experience. 

6. The Simpsons

We have all heard of The Simpsons television series, but there is actually The Simpsons Movie too! So, even if you haven’t watched the tv show, I recommend you at least watch the movie before your visit. It’s easy to captivate older kids because it’s animated, but there is some adult content and things that aren’t ideal for kids under 10. 

7. The Mummy

Check out The Mummy and The Mummy Returns before heading to Universal Orlando if you plan on checking out Revenge of the Mummy. The movies are pretty hilarious and naturally, there is LOTS of adventure along the way. If you hop on the ride without watching, you may find yourself a little lost and confused about what is going on. 

8. Marvel Movies

There are many Marvel movies to captivate you! While you don’t have to watch all of them, I recommend watching the ones that pique your interest the most before going to the Islands of Adventure. Captain America, The Avengers, and The Incredible Hulk are all must-sees. Oh, and if you are a thrill-seeking adventurer, be sure to ride the Incredible Hulk Coaster. It’s seriously a BLAST! 

When you are in the mood for some food, don’t forget to visit the Captain America Diner while you are there. 

9. Dr. Seuss

Probably everyone’s favorite author growing up is the theme of many movies. Cat in the Hat and The Lorax are two movies you should definitely watch. They are based on the books, but bring the stories to life. 

Check out the Cat in The Hat Ride and The High in the Sky Seuss Trolly Train!

10. Men In Black

The Men in Black movie first came out in 1997 and they have been coming out with more movies ever since. While you don’t have to watch the entire series to know what’s going on, they are for sure enjoyable to watch. 

When you are at the Men in Black: Alien Attack experience you will feel like you are actually part of the movie. It’s such a cool adventure!

10. Jurassic Park

The newest roller coaster at Universal Orlando is the Jurassic World VelociCoaster. This coaster has two intense launches and four inversions. Start the adventure at home by watching or rewatching some of the Jurassic Park/World movies!

If you are a movie fanatic, I am certain this is the kind of homework you can get on board with. Gathering the whole family together, munching on snacks, and enjoying time together are easy when you have lots of great movies to choose from.

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