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Princess and The Frog Printable Trivia Game

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This Princess and The Frog printable trivia game is great for the whole family to play. Are you a Princess and the Frog fan? Are your kids Princess Tiana Experts? This printable game will leave you having a great family time while showing off your knowledge.

Princess and The Frog Trivia Game

Make Disney’s Princess and the Frog Family movie night perfect with the addition of this fun game. Make some gumbo or even some man-catching beignets and let the fun begin!

This free Princess and The Frog Printable Trivia Game comes with a game board and 30 kid-friendly questions.

For this game, I created a game board. You will need to add some dice and trinkets for moving around the board. It would be cute to have the kids make little clay game pieces that have to do with the movie if they are able to.

How to Play the Trivia Game

To have a successful game you need to have some rules so that everything is fair, it helps prevent some meltdowns. These rules below are just some example rules you may have for your family, alter the rules to your family’s needs.

  • While you don’t need a game board, I have a free printable one for you. Click here to download it. I left some spaces white so you or your kids can write things like “go back 3 spaces” or “get another turn”.
  • The youngest player goes first, and play moves clockwise from there.
  • The player rolls the die. Another player asks the trivia question. If the player answers correctly, they may move forward the number of spaces on the die.
  • When they land on a spot with instructions, they follow the instructions immediately, and then the player’s turn ends.
  • The first person to make it to the finish spot wins. You do not need to roll an exact number to get to the final space.
  • No cell phones, tablets, or any type of outside sources are allowed to prevent cheating. 

These are fairly standard rules, but you can make more or fewer rules. It’s your game, so have fun making up the rules! Just be careful to keep a record of them, so the scoring can be fair to everyone.

This game would be a perfect way to entertain your family on the way to a Disney Vacation or while waiting in line for rides, just play without the game board!  

Sharing is caring!


Thursday 20th of August 2020

Love this! Princess and the Frog is my favorite Disney movie :)