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Princess Straw Painting Art Project

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This Princess Straw Painting Art Project is inspired by Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. This Princess painting is fun and just requires a few materials. Using just a little pink and blue paint, a straw, and paper, you can bring to life of Disney’s iconic movie scenes! Let’s get started!

The Inspiration for this Princess Painting

In the iconic “Make it Blue, make it Pink” scene from Sleeping Beauty, the three fairy godmothers, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, engage in a charming dispute over the color of Princess Aurora’s dress. Each fairy possesses her own unique sense of style and taste, leading to a whimsical exchange of magical powers. Flora, with her preference for pink, uses her wand to transform the dress into a lovely shade of rose.

However, Merryweather, favoring blue, counters with her own enchantment, turning the dress into a stunning azure hue. This playful rivalry continues as the fairies continuously change the color back and forth, creating a dazzling display of color transformations. Ultimately, their magical duel highlights their deep love for the princess and adds a touch of enchantment to this memorable scene in the timeless fairy tale.

In this painting craft, you are painting a dress pink and blue and then using a straw to blow the paint until the paint touches and even mixes together creating a beautiful purple color.

Supplies Need to Paint the Princess Dress

How to Make the Princess Straw Painting Art Project

Other than this project being super fun, there are lots of benefits to letting kids use this painting technique. The benefits of blow painting are promoting fine motor skills, encouraging creativity, and fostering a sense of exploration and experimentation.

Step 1 – Print out the Template

If you have heavier paper or construction paper to print the princess and her dress on that is best since the heavier the paper the less likely it is to soak through.

Step 2 – Color the Details on the Princess & Cut Out

Color the girl’s arms (be sure to try to avoid the dress straps. As that is where you will apply glue to glue on the dress. Cut out the princess.

Step 3 – Cut out the Dress and Glue.

Glue the Princess and the Dress onto another sheet of construction paper. Line up the dress sleeves with the sleeves on her arms.

Step 4 – Drop the Paint

Using a paintbrush make big drops of the pink and blue paint onto the dress and surrounding area. Don’t worry about full coverage.

Step 5 – Blow the Paint

Now using the straw, blos at the paint to help spread it. Once you have spread as much as you can drop some more paint drops and continue blowing the paint around. Since you didn’t do all the paint drops at once it allows the paint to dry a little bit so it doesn’t all turn purple. Encourage your kids to blow hard to really spread the paint.

Parents, this is a great time to talk about the color wheel. Talk about what happens when the pink and blue mix.

Once you are happy with the result, let dry and then add any final details you would like to add.

This was such a fun project! As the blue and pink hues intertwined, a magical princess dress took shape, symbolizing the enchantment and wonder that art can bring into our lives. By engaging in such hands-on activities, we empower our young artists to dream big and unlock the endless possibilities that lie within their own imaginations.

Sharing is caring!