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Princess Tiana Paper Doll Craft

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This papercraft will please any princess-loving little one or adult. This Princess Tiana Paper Doll Craft is so easy and comes out so cute, perfect for a rainy day activity or something to do to help you countdown your Disney World vacation!

paper tiana doll on wood background

The Princess and the Frog is one of my favorite Disney princess movies. The music is awesome and I love that Tiana makes her dreams come true through hard work. Princess Tiana has it all, love and career!

How to Make a Princess Tiana Paper Doll

What Supplies Do You Need?

Craft supplies on white background
  • Colored Construction Paper. Colors needed are brown, black, yellow, and 2 different shades of green colored craft paper. You can also use scrapbooking paper.
  • Craft Glue. A glue stick will work perfectly, liquid glue will take a little bit longer to dry.
  • Black Sharpie or Marker. You may also want to pink and green markers to draw details.
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Tiana Template. You can use this free printable template to make your doll.

How to Make & Assemble the Tiana Paper Craft

Little artists may need some help with some of the intricate cutting. Perfection is not art though, so let your child do as much as they want to do.

Step 1. Select brown, black, yellow, and 2 different shades of green-colored craft paper. Trace the head and hand patterns on the brown paper, trace the hair pattern on the black paper; and trace the dress and the accessory patterns on the 2 green and the yellow papers. Cut out the traced patterns nicely. 

craft peices cut out on white background

Step 2. Cut a slit along the marked line inside the hair pattern.

craft assembly 1

Step 3. Slide the top end of the head part through the slit from the bottom side of the hair. Apply glue to fix the head and the hair together.

craft assembly 2

Step 4. Join the 2 crown cutouts to make the paper leaf crown. Attach the paper crown on the hair pattern, below the bun.

craft assembly 3 crown

Step 5. Attach the B like pattern on the top side of the skirt (bottom part of the dress) pattern.

craft assembly 4 skirt

Step 6. Attach the hand patterns on the open ends of the sleeve parts of the top.

craft assembly 5 torso

Step 7. Attach the top dress pattern on the body part.

craft assembly 6 upper body

Step 8. Attach the skirt pattern on the bottom side of the top pattern. Use marker pens to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the paper Princess Tiana doll.

craft assembly 7 complete

What Can you Do with Your Princess Tiana Paper Doll?

craft final proudct on white back ground

Using a shoe box, cereal box, or even just a piece of paper make a background for the Princess Tiana doll to play in front of.

You can frame your Tiana and display it in your home.

Make some other Princess & the Frog themed paper crafts like a frog, Charlotte, Ray, Louis, or even a pot of gumbo and make a mobile.

What will you do with your Tiana doll?

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