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Mickey Mouse Q-tip Art

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This Disney painting craft is great for both kids and adults! Today I share one of my favorite ways for kids to paint and looked to Mickey Mouse for my inspiration. This simple and fun Q-tip Art Mickey Head project is a great way to let out some creative juice!

Mickey Mouse Q-tip Art Supplies

Washable Paint. I don’t know if it is the current quarantine but I found the prices of washable kids paint on Amazon a little bit insane. I got my paint at Walmart for under $5.

Cotton Swabs. Both Walmart and the Dollar Tree sell these. Since they are for art, get the cheapest ones possible.

Construction Paper. If you don’t have construction paper, you can paint directly on the Mickey Head template. The paint may soak through.

Mickey Head Printable. Print the template on cardstock to make it last longer.

Pencil. Can use anything that will trace the Mickey Head.


Table Covering. I like to put something underneath the painting space. This doesn’t need to be fancy, I just used a cut-up paper bag. Other ideas include newspapers, trash bags, or an old sheet.

How to Do Mickey Mouse Q-Tip Art

  1. Trace the Mickey Mouse Head template onto a piece of construction paper.
  2. Using one Q-tip per color guide child to paint the inside of the Mickey Head. Pressing lightly will give smaller dots, pressing heavier will produce bigger dots.
  3. Encourage creativity. Dots can be random, done in patterns, inside the Mickey Head, and out.
  4. Let the painting dry.
  5. Proudly hang art at home.

To make this project more adult you can use canvas to paint on and use acrylic paint. This is one I did several years ago.

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Sharing is caring!

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Monday 1st of April 2019

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