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How to Follow Your Dreams | Queen of Katwe Movie Review

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Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets to Disney’s Queen of Katwe for review purposes, all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

Do you follow your passions no matter what stands in your way? If you have a passion or talent, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! Disney shares the real life story of Phiona Mutesi who overcame some huge obstacles to follow her passion for chess. Phiona didn’t let anything stop her from doing what she loved. She strived to have a better life and chess was the ticket. With Phiona’s exceptional talent and help from Robert Katende, a missionary and coach, she goes further than anybody thought or imagined.

Phiona teaches us how to follow our dreams. Following your dreams means fighting hard when people try to bring you down, leaning on those who love and support you, and reaching for the stars even when you can’t see past the clouds.

How to Follow Your Dreams

  1. Fight hard for your dreams. Robert Katende started a chess club for the kids in the impoverished slum of Katwe in Kampala, Uganda. Phiona just looks at first as this club starts. She walks in and all the children tease her because she smells. She stands up for herself and Robert sees her strength and invites her to join them. All throughout Phiona’s journey she is fighting discrimination, poverty, and self-doubt. She powers through all of that and becomes an international chess champion.
  2. Lean on those who love and support you. Robert, Phiona’s family, and the rest of the Pioneer kids really helped Phiona achieve her dreams. My favorite part of the movie is when her mother, sacrifices something precious just so Phiona could have candlelight to read her chess strategy book. I can’t even imagine poverty like that.
  3. Reach for the stars,  even when you can’t see past the clouds. Phiona lived in such poverty that imagining a life beyond her dirt floor was impossible. She had never been outside her village, slept in a bed, or been on plane. Phiona knew though that there was more than she had and that she could accomplish that, if she didn’t let her own self-doubt get in the way.

If Phiona could overcome deep poverty to achieve her dreams, then anything is possible.

Queen of Katwe is more than just a good movie, it opens the world’s eyes to the poverty that is still very real in this world. This is not a story from 30-50 years ago. This story is recent. Phiona is just applying for universities now.

The real Phiona and Robert.

Queen of Katwe Review

Queen of Katwe is an excellent movie. I give it 5/5 stars. It is a great movie for kids even though it is rated PG. The story is gripping. I found myself choking up with tears many times throughout the movie and also laughing out loud. Even though you know the basis of the story, the movie is not predictable. The storyline keeps you captivated and I hope they make a second movie in 5-10 years showing an update on Phiona’s life.

After seeing the movie, you and your children might be very interested in playing chess. You can get a chess set for under $10 on Amazon. Chess is a great game, one that I am now very interested in learning.

Here is the preview for Queen of Katwe:

If you are like me, you have an overly sensitive heart and are heartbroken about seeing the poverty in Uganda, then you have got to do something to help. The ministry that helped Phiona was the Pioneer Ministries International. I checked out the Facebook page (which really needs to be updated) and it looks like an awesome Christian organization. I am going to be putting together a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child which sends boxes filled with toys and essentials to children all over the world just like Phiona.

Real Pioneer Ministry Children – The real life inspiration for the movie.

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