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Plus Size Snow White Disneybound

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Creating a Plus Size Snow White Disneybound is quite simple. Since the bound consists of three colors, the bound is easily identifiable. The accessories available to complete the look are very popular right now. Once you complete your Snow White bound be sure to visit Snow White and take a twin photo with her, she loves it!

Snow White Disneybound

For each Disneybounding outfit, picking out the main colors is key.

What color is Snow White’s dress? Snow White’s dress has a blue bodice with lighter blue and red accents with a white collar. The skirt is yellow. She also wears a red bow headband in her hair.

Keeping the colors in the same order as they are on the character it recommended but I believe if you accessorize correctly people can still see who you are bounding as. Snow White’s colors are blue, red, and yellow. Accessories are endless with apples, mirrors, birds, other forest animals, and bows!

My Snow White Disneybound was a yellow skirt that I made myself. My top was a blue t-shirt that I transformed into a halter top. My red belt came from a Torrid clearance bin a while ago. Hobby Lobby has a collection of fairytale charms and I made the mirror necklace with that. 

Since this was at the park, I don’t have on cute shoes and I am wearing leggings to prevent chub rub. You can always pair your bound with yellow shoes. Though you can’t see it, my hair is tied back with a red bow.

Plus Size Snow White Disneybound Ideas

If you are not as crafty as me, you still have lots of options for clothes! Be sure to also check thrift stores, yellow pants are a crazy color of the past, bring them back with this bound.

  • Torrid has a lot of Disney-inspired skirts and tops, plus unlike mainstream stores the clothes are colorful.
  • PinUp Girl Clothing has lots of great skirts for us plus-size girls.

Snow White Disneybound Accessory Ideas

Have you ever Disneybounded as Snow White? What is your favorite thing about Disneybounding, let me know in the comments!

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