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The Happiest Millionaire Movie Review (1967)

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Did you know that The Happiest Millionaire was the last live-action film Walt Disney worked on? I am really a fan of the classic Disney live-action movies. They all had great original storylines and lots of good, clean comedy. The Happiest Millionaire is really good, though I am unclear on how the title relates to the movie. The storyline, music, and dancing make this a movie that you should put on your must-watch list. 

The Happiest Millionaire Movie Review

My husband and I watched The Happiest Millionaire the other night. The movie is very long! 172 minutes long. Even though it is a long movie, my husband and I enjoyed it so much that we didn’t notice the longness until the added intermission scene.

The movie is a musical and reminded me of Mary Poppins. Especially the first number is sung by the father. That song had the same tune as the first song sung by the father in Mary Poppins. The songs are really good, catchy, and add a lot to the movie.  The dancing that goes along with the music is very well done. This is one movie that I would love to see on Broadway.

The story is very good. It is about an eccentric millionaire who raised a tomboy daughter. I call him eccentric because he owns a congregation of alligators and was on a chocolate cake diet at the beginning of the movie.   He desires his daughter, Cordy,  to continue to be his baby so he unwittingly diverts all possible suitors.

At the suggestion of the aunt, the daughter goes to a private girls school. While in school she meets someone, Angie,  and they get engaged. He wants to design cars and move to Detroit. They meet each other families. Cordy’s father finally realizes his little girl is growing up and gives his blessing. The fiance’s mom is accepting of the union but during their visit, the couple realizes how different they are when it comes to high society. Cordy’s father didn’t host huge parties or care about social standing. Angie’s mom was about that and planning their future. Angie didn’t tell his mom about their dream to move to Detroit so he could work on cars.  The way they ended the movie was a surprise to me, I love the little plot twist in the end.

Now, I haven’t mentioned the funniest person in the movie and that is John Lawless. He has the opening number. I first thought he was the millionaire, but he was applying to be the butler. Aside from the first number and a second musical number he did later in the show, he is not really the main character. That being said, his one-liners all throughout the movie got me and my hubby laughing out loud. He is the reason the movie didn’t seem so long!

If you don’t already have it,  you should definitely add this movie to your Disney library. Also because of the movie, I added something to my Disney Bucket List!

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