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Disney Shorts | Tomorrow We Diet with Goofy! (1951)

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Ever felt fat or overweight?  I am a plus-sized princess so I can totally relate to this short being overweight.  I have PCOS and hypothyroidism, so losing weight is a real struggle for me.  Tomorrow We Diet is a Disney short that is all about struggling with weight loss. 

Disney Shorts | Tomorrow We Diet with Goofy!

Tomorrow We Diet

This short which was released in 1951 is so funny! Goofy (George Geef) “every man” totally denies being overweight at first. I think we are all that way. We try shoving ourselves into pants that are too tight, we avoid mirrors, and replay past memories just like Goofy did. Thankfully our mirror does not talk to us and put us down.

Goofy tries dieting but the world around him and his imagination just make him more hungry.

The “Every Man” series of shorts are short cartoons that feature Goofy (George Geef) showing how to do normal, everyday things and then finding the humor in them. If you have not seen them before, a lot of them are on YouTube!

I am really glad Pixar and Disney brought back the idea of cartoon shorts. I look forward to the shorts just as much as the feature film now!

Sharing is caring!