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Top Disney Dog Movies To Binge Watch

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Hanging out with your best pooch is even more fun when you are watching the Top Disney Dog Movies! Grab some popcorn, a warm blanket, and binge-watch all these amazing movies! Just don’t forget your pup is going to want to help you eat that popcorn too.

Okay, I realize you can’t do it in one night, but whenever you are looking for something to watch any of these would be perfect! Each one takes you on an incredible journey and what can be more uplifting than a Disney movie about a dog? There will laughing, tears, encouragement, and dog snuggles along the way. 

top Disney dog Movies

25 Top Disney Dog Movies You Must See

Disney tells some great stories and these movies are no exception. My favorites are the older Shaggy Dog movies, the animated 101 Dalmatians, and Landy & The Tramp. I am also partial to Beverly Hills Chihuahua and The Ugly Dachshund since I own one of each. 

1. Lady And The Tramp

The animated film came out in 1955! When there is a new baby in the house, it made Lady feel like her owners wouldn’t love her as much. She wondered away from home and went on an adventure where she met her new Tramp. Romance is in the air, but will Lady and the Tramp get to stay together? Watch to find out! 

If you love Lady and Tramp check out the sequel Lady & The Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure. 

Lady and the Tramp Pasta

2. Old Yeller

Break out the tissues when you watch one of the best sad dog movies ever! Old Yeller came out in 1957 and it’s a tear-jerker for sure. The story is about a young boy named Travis who ends up becoming best buddies with Old Yeller after he adopts the stray. Everyone should watch this film at least once. 

3. The Shaggy Dog

This comical film was made in 1959. Wilby the main character ends up with a cursed ring that causes him to transform into a dog. Naturally, Wilby turns into a dog at the most inopportune times! This funny pet movie is a must-see for everyone in the family. 

4. 101 Dalmatians (Animated)

If you are looking for classic dog movies, add this one to your list. It was released in 1961. The story is based on the dogs Pongo and Perdita and their adventurous love story. The villain is Cruella de Vil and her goal is to have the puppies of Pongo and Perdita kidnapped! Will she succeed? You should watch it and find out how it ends. 

101 Dalmatians

5. The Incredible Journey

Who says dogs and cats can’t be friends? This journey which was released in 1963 proves that dogs and cats can be friends. Tao (cat) and Bodger and Luath (dogs) are on a mission to go home. This story follows them along the way and you can’t help but feel their love for their owner. Grab your pup and watch this movie snuggled up on the couch together, I promise it’s worth it. 

6. The Ugly Dachshund

The Ugly Dachshund is one of those classic dog movies that make your heart happy. This family film was released in 1966 and it’s about a Great Dane named Brutus. Brutus was an orphaned puppy and a dachshund named Danke end up raising him. It’s impossible not to root for Brutus in this Disney movie!

The Ugly Dachshund

7. The Shaggy D.A.

This is one of those Disney dog movies that will make you laugh and giggle! This funny film came out in 1976, and good old Wilby is back at it. This time he is an adult and is running for District Attorney. He wants to get back at his opponent, so he figures the best way to dig up dirt is to disguise himself as a sheepdog. He can easily do this due to the cursed ring he has kept since he was a kid. 

8. The Fox And The Hound

When you are in the mood to watch an animated film, you should watch The Fox And The Hound which came out in 1981. Tod and Copper become wonderful friends. This is unusual because Tod is a fox and Copper is a hound dog. Will their friendship overcome all odds? Tune into this family-friendly feel-good film to find out. Disney released a Fox & The Hound 2 in 2006. 

The Fox and the Hound

9. Oliver And Company

1988 is the year Oliver and Company made its debut. The story is about Oliver, who is an adorable orange kitten, and a dog named Dodger. Once Oliver was adopted by a little girl named Jenny, the naughty Dobermans, Desoto and Roscoe wreak havoc on their relationship. Dodger and Oliver have to work together so Jenny and Oliver can stay together. 

10. White Fang

One of the best Disney dog movies ever made! This family film came out in 1991 and has become a household classic tail. Take a trip to Alaska and meet Jack and his furry friend, White Fang. Watch the relationship between man and wolf-dog develop. Beautiful scenery and a wonderful storyline. In 1994 Disney came out with White Fang 2. 

11. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

This 1993 Disney movie involves a journey that takes three friends through the wilderness in California. Chance, Shadow, and Sassy will provide you with lots of entertainment as they embark on this trip. You will be rooting for these three friends to make it home safely. 

If you want more Chance, Shadow, and Sassy adventures check out the sequel Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco.

12. Iron Will 

Iron Will is a 1994 American adventure film. Will is thrust into adulthood after a tragedy. To help take care of his family he decides to join a cross-country dog sled race. He and his courageous team of sled dogs embark on a grueling and treacherous cross-country marathon. Together they race through the frozen wilderness, carrying hopes of capturing the $10,000 grand prize that will save his family from financial ruin.

13. 101 Dalmatians

This live-action film came out in 1996. Sit back, relax and watch Pongo and Perdy try to outsmart Cruella de Vil and keep her from stealing their puppies. Cruella makes Jasper and Horace do all her dirty work during this ordeal. This is a family-friendly movie that makes you want to buy a puppy. 🙂 

14. Air Bud

Released in 1997, this movie has a little bit of everything! Lots of humor and entertainment. Follow Josh’s dog named Bud as he plays basketball. Who knew this amazing golden retriever would be so amazing at the game? Watch this movie, and you will have some great laughs and be entertained the entire time. 

Air Bud

If you love Air Bud, then you will love him tackle more sports:

  • Air Bud: Golden Receiver (1998) – Josh’s Golden Retriever learns to play football. 
  • Air Bud: World Pup (2000) – Josh discovers that Buddy’s ballplaying skills apply to soccer.
  • Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch (2002) – Buddy makes the baseball team and becomes a star player.
  • Air Bud: Spikes Back (2003) – Buddy tackles volleyball.

Then follow Air Bud’s puppies in their own adventures. 

  • Air Buddies (2006) – Buddy and Molly’s offspring work together to help each other while attempting to rescue their parents.
  • Snow Buddies (2008) – The offspring of Buddy and Molly go on an Alaskan adventure.
  • Space Buddies (2009) – The Buddies tag along for a field trip to the space museum and accidentally walk aboard a rocket ship.
  • Santa Buddies (2009) – The Buddies team up with Puppy Paws, the son of Santa Paws, to end the melting of a magical icicle threatening Christmas Eve.
  • Spooky Buddies (2011) – The Buddies are in a new adventure when Halloween hits Fernfield.
  • Treasure Buddies (2012) – The Buddies find themselves on an Indiana Jones-style adventure.
  • Super Buddies (2013) – After acquiring rings that grant them superpowers, the Buddies must use them to stop a villain
  • The Search for Santa Paws (2010) – When Santa is in trouble, Paws has to save Christmas with the help of some friends.
  • Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups (2012) – When the Christmas spirit begins to disappear, Mrs. Claus and the Santa Pups must race to save Christmas around the world.

15. Snow Dogs

If you haven’t seen this 2002 film, you have been missing out. When Ted Brooks heads to Alaska to claim his inheritance, he is disappointed when he finds out its team of sled dogs. The dogs aren’t a fan of his either. As they overcome adversity, they grow closer and closer together. Watch this feel-good movie with the whole family. 

Snow Dogs

16. Life Is Ruff

Life is Ruff is a Disney Channel original movie. Calvin Wheeler is an avid comic book reader. He needs $3000 to buy his most coveted comic book but doesn’t have the money. He finds out about a dog show that has a $5000 prize! So, he finds a dog named Tyco and adopts him. Little did Calvin know that Tyco was more than an ordinary dog; he is extraordinary! This film came out in 2005. 

17. Eight Below

This 2006 movie is based on a true story! It reminds you never to give up and keep on fighting. When Jerry has to leave his dogs to hopefully get captured, the dogs are forced to survive on their own. Will the dogs miraculously survive? You need to watch it to find out for sure. This drama is heart-warming and a must-see. 

18. The Shaggy Dog

Dave Douglas is a hard-working Deputy District Attorney. Often he spends more time working than with his family. While working on a case, he ends up getting infected with a serum. The serum causes Dave to turn into a dog! Watch his adventures and see how he solves the mystery of the serum.  This fun movie came out in 2007. 

The Shaggy Dog

19. Underdog

Shoeshine lost his job as a bomb sniffer at the mayor’s office. After Shoeshine is fired, he gets injected with an elixir by a mad scientist. When Jack discovers that Shoeshine has superpowers, things get really exciting. Watch Jack and Shoeshine go through all sorts of adventures in this 2007 film. You can’t help but smile when you watch them save the day and take down the mad scientist. 

20. Bolt

Bolt came out in 2008, and it has been melting everyone’s heart ever since then. He is a dog that is a superstar, but he is under the impression all of his powers are real. Bolt ends up in New York and goes on a wild ride to find his owner, Penny. It’s a good thing he has his sidekicks, Mittens, and Rhino. Will Bolt make it back to Penny in one piece? You will have to watch it to find out for sure. 

21. Beverly Hills Chihuahua

50% Warrior. 50% Lover. 100% Chihuahua. Chloe is a chihuahua that lives a pampered lifestyle. After getting lost in Mexico and in a panic, she runs into some trouble, and a dog named Delgado rescues her. He vows to get Chloe home safely and gives her lots of encouragement. They end up with all sorts of adventures and Chloe discovers that there is more to her than she thinks. Watch this 2008 movie, the entire family will love it. 

Want to see more of Chloe, check out Beverly Hills Chihuahua sequels 2 and 3. 

22. Frankenweenie


This movie was made in 2012 and should for sure be on your movie list! Sparky is hit by a car and doesn’t make it. His owner, Victor, is devastated and wanted to figure out a way to bring his loving dog back to life. So Victor ends up using a revolutionary science experiment with a lightning bolt to bring Sparky back to life. This movie is truly fantastic and a must-see. 

23. Lady & The Tramp (Live-Action)

Disney has announced a live-action Lady and the Tramp that is set to be released exclusively on Disney+ November 2019. That is where you will find all of these wonderful canine tales as Disney is giving us their whole Disney library!

Lady & The Tramp (Live Action)

24. Togo (2019)

The highly thrilling and adventurous movie tells us the story of the true hero dog who saved Nome, Alaska from the deadly diphtheria outbreak. The movie will have you crying and cheering for the most heroic dog of all time. This movie is based on a true story and you can see what is fact and fiction in this article.

25. Cruella (Live Action)

This live-action film is action-packed, and it’s going to be so good.  This film will be telling us about young Cruella similar to Maleficent. I am excited to learn more about what made Cruella the way she is. Mark your calendar because it’s going to be epic. Emma Stone will be playing Cruella. 

I hope you are as excited as I am about this massive list of Disney dog movies! The storylines are so entertaining, and you will feel all sorts of emotions. So don’t hesitate, it’s time to start watching all of these incredible movies. 

Print this Disney Dog Movie Checklist so you can make sure to watch all the best ones! 

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Matt Locey

Thursday 29th of July 2021

Love this list, great job, lot of hard work. Now for the ultimate question: you going to do a list on Disney cats?


Tuesday 3rd of August 2021

Thank you! Yes, I am working on a Disney Cats list I hope to have done soon.


Friday 7th of February 2020

Nice list and descriptions. Wish all the movies were *easily* available for free to watch. Thanks for sharing.