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What is Disney Bounding? A Beginners Guide

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I am very Disney-obsessed. I have discovered Disney Bounding in the last six months. This is an awesome way to show your love for Disney characters in an outward way. Many people, even big Disney fans, do not know what Disney bounding is. Disneybounding is using the color palette from a Disney person, place, or thing to put together an outfit and then accessorizing to finish the look. I have DisneyBounded a few times now and want to share why it is one of my new obsessions.

What is Disneybounding?

Disneybounding is a popular fashion trend and creative form of self-expression that originated within the Disney fan community. It involves putting together outfits inspired by Disney characters without wearing full-on costumes. The term “Disneybounding” combines “Disney” and “bound,” implying a playful bounding towards the essence of a character rather than a complete transformation.

Disneybounders often use colors, patterns, accessories, and even hairstyles to subtly evoke the spirit of a beloved Disney character. The practice allows fans to showcase their love for Disney in a fashion-forward way, whether they are visiting a Disney park, attending a themed event, or simply expressing their admiration for Disney characters in their everyday lives.

Disneybounding encourages imagination and creativity, enabling people of all ages to celebrate their favorite characters while maintaining their personal style. It has become a vibrant and inclusive community, where fans share their outfits, provide inspiration, and support each other’s Disneybound journeys.

Disneybounding is a community.  I have met so many people while Disneybounding. I can’t talk about the community formed through Disneybounding without mentioning the Disney Dapper Darlin’s. It is a group of men and women who love Disneybounding and dressing dapper. They have events about once a month at Walt Disney World. I have made so many friends through this group! Other than the Dapper Darlin’s you meet others at the park and acknowledge each other like, “I see what you did there, awesome!”.

101 Dalmatians Disneybound for WDW’s 45th on 10/1

Disneybounding is for any style of dress. Though there are Dapper Days at Disneyland and Walt Disney World where lots of people Dapper Disneybound, you can Disneybound in regular clothes. That is the only way my husband will agree to participate in this social fun. You can make Disneybound workout clothes, prom looks, wedding looks, formal, or grunge looks. The possibilities are endless.

Disneybounding is for any Disney-related person, holiday, place, or ride. You are not bound to just characters. I recently Disneybounded as a Mad Tea Party Tea Cup. I had the best interaction with Alice and the Mad Hatter because of it. Disneybound what is special for you, or if you are like me whatever fits with the wardrobe you already have.

Mad Tea Party Disneybound

Disneybounding can be frugal. I am not one that has money to spend tons on clothes. I would rather pay bills or use my money to go to Disney. Disney bounding is just using clothes you already own. You can also shop in thrift stores or borrow clothes to complete your look. I am just getting into sewing, so I am sewing my own pieces now. I am excited to be sharing with you some of my projects in the future.

Bing Bong Disneybound

Disneybounding is recognized by Disney characters. One of the coolest feelings in the world is when the character you are bounding as recognizes what you are doing. They get super excited and make a fuss over you. I love it! Who doesn’t love getting some extra attention from the characters?!?! 

Cinderella Disneybound

Disneybounding is not cosplaying or wearing a costume. Anyone over the age of 14 cannot wear costumes at Disney parks. Disneybounding is a sneaky way (not so sneaky) around the rules. Make sure you don’t make your Disneybound too close to a character (cosplaying) because that might hurt Disneybounders in the future.

BB-8 Disneybound

Disneybounding can be done anywhere. Take your love for Disney everywhere you go. Disneybounding is not for those just at Disney. Want somewhere to show off your look? Join the Disneybounders Unite Facebook Group.

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Have you ever Disneybounded? Who would you Disneybound as?

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Friday 25th of September 2020

I've bounded as both Belle(bluw outfit) and Rapunzel before and I'm working towards getting a yellow tulle skirt for Snow White, Belle's yellow outfit and Pooh bear...I'm sure there's other characters I could do with yellow too. I also want to try Elsa and Cinderella too!

Stefanie Leonard

Thursday 30th of March 2017

Thanks for the personal, well-informed intro to Disneybounding! I just heard of it today. I love your whole blog!

Nicole Cochingco Escat

Monday 27th of June 2016

I'm sure you had fun adventure! Disney is one of the dream of each person.

Carrie Chady Rundhaug

Saturday 25th of June 2016

I've never heard of Disneybounding before but it sounds like a lot of fun and great way to connect and live a Disney obsession!


Saturday 25th of June 2016

Interesting, I had never heard of Disneybounding ... sounds like a great way to connect with Disney characters and objects.